Whole Body Cryotherapy

First Time Freeze: $39

Single Session: $46
3 Session Pack: $129
5 Session Pack: $215
10 Session Pack: $410

Monthly Packages

5 Sessions per month: $180
10 Sessions per month: $310
(3 Month minimum membership)

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized Cryo Treatment/Cryo Facials

First Time Local Cryo  $35

Single Session:  $45
5 Session Pack:   $185
10 Session Pack: $350
Add-on to Whole Body Cryo $30*
*(Must be done on same day as WBC) 
Price per additional area +$10


NormaTec 2018 Pulse
Recovery System

15 Minute Session: $15
30 Minute Session: $30
5  Pack of 30 Minuute Sessions $125
10 Pack of 30 Minute Sessions: $200
Add-on to WBC or Sauna $20 
*(Must be done on same day as WBC)
Add arms or hips + $10 each

Float Therapy

First Time Float: $59
Single Float: $75
3 60-Minute Floats: $195

Monthly Packages

1 Float per month: $60
2 Floats per month: $112
4 Floats per month: $210
6 Floats per month: $294

(3 month minimum membership)


LED Light Therapy

First Time LED Light Therapy Session (30Min) $35
LED Light Therapy Treatment (30Min): $50.
3 Session Package:   $135
5 Session Package:   $210
10 Session Package: $400

LED Light Therapy Skin Packages

Anti-Aging Package 
8 (30 Min) LED Treatments for $280
Session EXPIRE one month from start date.
(twice a week for the best results)

Acne Package
16 (30 Min) LED Light Treatments for $560
Session EXPIRE two month from start date.
(twice a week for the best results)


Other Packages:

LED Light Therapy & Local Cryo Treatment: $75

Skin Revive Package: $100
30 Minute Infrared Sauna
    LED Light Therapy Treatment (30 min)
Cryo Facial

Whole Body Cryo, Float Session &
30 Min Infrared Sauna: $150


Infrared Sauna Bed

First Time Sweat: $30

Single Sweat (30 Mins): $45
Super Sweat (40 Mins): $55
5 Sweat Package: $175
10 Sweat Package: $300
5 Super Sweat Package: $225
10 Super Sweat Package: $400

Monthly Packages

Single Sweat (30min) Packages

5 Sweats Per Month: $125
10 Sweats Per Month: $220
Unlimited Monthly: $310

Super Sweat (40min) Packages

5 Sweats Per Month: $175
10 Sweats Per Month: $330
Unlimited Per Month: $400
(3 month minimum membership)


Myofascial Release Massage

60 Minute Massage: $120
90 Minute Massage: $170.00
Mon and Tues 3pm-7pm
Friday 10am -5pm 
Saturday call for a custom appointment.

Deep Tissue, Sports and Swedish Massage 
Temporarily Unavailable at this time
60 Minute Massage: $95
CBD Oil Massage: $135.00




Monthly memberships require a three month minimum contract. The contract will then extend for another three months, unless the client sends us written confirmation that they wish to cancel their membership. Requests for a cancellation of a membership must be emailed to frostandfloatspa@gmail.com



We do not issue returns on packages or single sessions past seven days of the purchase date. Packages and single sessions have no expiration date and can be shared or gifted to another party if the clients wishes to do so. 


Gift Cards are Non-Refundable. 
Our Gift Cards do not expire. 



Fire and Float Beginner Pack 
1 60 mim Float and 1 30 min Sweat $78

Freeze and Float Beginner Pack
1 60 min Float and 1 Cryo Session: $95

Freeze, Float and Fire Beginner Pack
1 60 min Float, 1 Cryo Session and 1 30 min Sweat: $115

EVERY THURSDAY IS “FROSTY THURSDAY”                                                                                                                             Whole Body Cryotherapy $25 From  1PM TO 6PM 



Current Hours

          Due to Covid-19 we do not have walk-in service at this time.
           Please call for appointments  617-795-5444 or book online.

Summer Hour
Monday : 11am–8pm
Tuesday–Thursday : 10am–8pm

Friday & Saturday: 9am -3pm
Sunday: CLOSED